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With this mod, you get the power to animate your own minions and create an army of them. Using dark magic, you can get the blood and souls of your enemies and make body parts, with brains, muscles and weapon, the Blood Scythe, to harvest souls. When you put all the parts, blood and souls together, you can make the minion to suit how you want your army. Plus much more.

A) Using Bone Meal, you can make a needle to extract animal blood into glass bottles.

B) Using leather, a book, blood, ink, a feather, and nether wart, create a Necronomicon, turning a line of 2 cobblestone and 1 planks into an altar.

C) Obsidian, an iron hoe, stick, and bottle of blood will create a scythe, which can be used to harvest souls from animals into glass bottles.

D) A sewing machine can be made with 7 iron ingot, a piece of string, and a needle. This is needed to make necromantic skin, your minion parts main ingredient.

Body parts harvested from mobs including brain, heart, lungs, muscle, eyes (spider), and bones (skeleton) along with the created skin create your parts.

Including things like wool(sheep), gunpowder(creeper), books(villager), and rotten flesh(zombie) will determine which type of part you create when added to the normal pattern.

Minions created from mob parts are stronger in combat than those created from animal parts.

Large goblets of blood spawn in the nether world and will supply you with vast amounts of blood if you can get to them with buckets instead of pricking animals.

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