Basic Info Edit

Isaac is a mob that somewhat resembles a child, with tears running down it's face. He's a character from the The Binding of Isaac series created by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. It has 20 HP and attacks by shooting tear projectiles that do 3 damage per hit. These projectiles seem to be less affected by gravity than arrows.

Spawning Edit

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Isaac and the Nightcrawler spawn in a unique way, one in 30 skeletons spawn as Isaacs instead of skeletons! it's that simple! this is configurable in the config of the mod.

Forms Edit

Blood Isaac Edit

When Isaac is killed, it turns into Blood Isaac. Blood Isaac has the same attack pattern as Isaac but has 75 HP, and shoots a more powerful projectile, blood tears, that do 6 damage per hit.

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Isaac Head & Body Edit

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Once Blood Isaac is killed, he then turns into his final form(s) Isaac Head & Body. I say final form(s) because the head and body are two separate mobs, the body has 20 HP and attacks with it's arms, dealing 2 damage per hit. The head has 40 HP and attacks by shooting blood

tears at the player.

Loot Edit

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Isaac drops nothing special other than standard necromancy organs, however, in villages with necromancy houses, there is a chance to find an Isaac's head in one of the chests. With the head you can choose to shoot tears or blood tears, each doing their respective damages. Shooting blood tears damages the player to shoot and shooting normal tears lowers your hunger, so be careful if using Isaac's head frequently. The default hotkeys to shoot the tears are G for blood, and F for normal. This can be changed in the controls menu. Isaac's head can also substitute for a head when creating a minion. Isaac's head gives 0 defence.

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